Parched, Thirsty &; Tortured

So I heard and I read that the enemy, which are our thoughts, our past, our stronghold comes to steal, kill and destroy; but Jesus said I AM COME that you may have life and life more abundantly. So presently the enemy, your thoughts, your past, your strongholds come to steal your joy and your peace and torment you. But! The Spirit of the Lord is equally and even the more present in our situations and in our assignments. However, He does depart when the purpose has been served.

I have had the greatest struggle this week with what feels like rejection. I’m sure it’s because I desire for God to be pleased with me, but He also made me aware that I still seek to please man. He quickly reminded me; “I Am already pleased with you my Queen, you are my FINISHED work, it’s your sisters and brothers that you believe you have to bend over backwards to keep happy”. I was so moved in my spirit when I heard it; but why is it that I still desire to hear it from human beings? Why is it that I can’t just be satisfied or should I say content with God’s word? So I asked Him. He said “because you are a human, still alive, feel disappointment and you thirst”. I am that Samaritan Woman, once forsaken by religion and people. Never, ever being able to do anything right; I was told. And the cycle seems to just continue; but what I discovered………I am holding my own self hostage to people therefore I am parched. The people and jobs that I’ve been assigned to, start out being an assignment. I go above and beyond what they require and ultimately what God is requiring of me. Why? Because I long for connection, I long for the saying “a job well done”. The Samaritan Woman kept going to a well out of religion that had already ran dry. She asked Jesus, “aren’t you greater than our father Jacob”? His response “whosoever drinks of this water, thirst again”. The Samaritan Woman kept reconnecting with men because it was all she knew. When you were once forsaken, it’s a cycle that seems to never end. But the answer lies in knowing when to jump off, when your time is up; when the purpose has been served. Jesus showed up just in time for HER. The greatest sign for me in hindsight and even presently being reminded—when the thing begins to overly concern me and I am completely burdened down; it is time to go. I’ve become parched, because God’s grace has departed from the people, the place or the thing. It becomes difficult to tap into the well springing up in “you” because you are too busy trying to gain nourishment from the people or the job; therefore left parched. Manna was only given for a season to the children of Israel; but God sent manna for the purpose of increasing their faith. Jesus (the bread of life) didn’t stay long, when He served the disciples notice; they thought it was crazy talk. But if He didn’t go, the comforter; the lasting faith would not have been able to come. There is a greater purpose that is ahead of you and you need the nourishment for the journey.

Turn the faucet on in yourself! What you need is in you! Don’t lose sight of the purpose, because when you do; you lose sight of you.

Love Always,

Carla Mashell Dulaney

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